Temporary abstract of the brand new decrees

1. Historic context of the brand new decrees

The brand new decrees have been a sequence of measures adopted by the Spanish crown within the 18th century inside the framework of what was generally known as the Battle of the Spanish Succession. These decrees have been carried out primarily within the territories of the Crown of Aragon and have been meant to centralize energy and strengthen the monarchy's management over these territories.

The historic context wherein these decrees have been carried out was the Battle of the Spanish Succession. This struggle happened between 1701 and 1714 and concerned a succession battle to the Spanish throne. On one aspect was Charles of Austria, supported primarily by the territories of the Crown of Aragon and the Holy Roman Empire. Alternatively, there was Philip of Anjou, who had the help of the territories of the Crown of Castile and the primary European powers similar to France and England.

The struggle ended with the victory of Philip of Anjou, who turned King Philip V of Spain. From this second on, new decrees have been carried out, which concerned a sequence of reforms within the territorial and administrative group of the territories of the Crown of Aragon.

Fundamental measures of the brand new decrees:

  1. Authorized unification: One of many fundamental aims of the decrees was the unification of the authorized system within the territories of the Crown of Aragon. The Code of the Seven Partidas was established as widespread regulation and the establishments and legal guidelines particular to every territory have been eradicated.
  2. Administrative centralization: The ability of the monarchy was strengthened and native authorities establishments and our bodies have been changed by officers appointed instantly by the king. This sought to centralize energy and keep away from the autonomy and privileges of the territories of the Crown of Aragon.
  3. Suppression of jurisdictions: The fueros have been legal guidelines and privileges particular to every territory. The brand new decrees abolished these jurisdictions and established a single set of legal guidelines for all of the territories of the Crown of Aragon.
  4. Spanishization: Using the Castilian language was promoted and the tradition and establishments of Castile have been promoted over these of the territories of the Crown of Aragon. This sought to strengthen the id and unity of Spain.

In abstract, the brand new decrees have been a sequence of measures adopted by the Spanish crown within the 18th century to centralize energy and remove the privileges and autonomies of the territories of the Crown of Aragon. These measures sought to strengthen the management of the monarchy within the technique of constructing the trendy State.

2. Fundamental traits of latest decrees

The brand new decrees have been a sequence of rules promulgated by King Philip V of Spain within the 18th century, with the goal of centralizing energy within the Crown and suppressing the privileges and privileges of the territories conquered after the Battle of Succession.

These decrees have been characterised by:

  1. Administrative unification: A centralized administrative system was established, with the creation of mayoralties and the appointment of a corregidor in every metropolis or city.
  2. Suppression of privileges and privileges: The privileges and privileges of the completely different territories have been repealed, establishing the equality of rights and duties of all topics earlier than the regulation.
  3. Imposition of Spanish: Spanish was established as the one official language, which meant a ban on regional languages ​​and linguistic homogenization.
  4. Centralization of energy: The ability of the Crown was strengthened and the autonomy of the territories was weakened, concentrating energy within the monarch and his advisors.

These new decrees generated sturdy resistance within the affected territories, which manifested itself in fashionable revolts and uprisings. Nonetheless, in the long run they contributed to the modernization and standardization of the Spanish State.

3. Impression of latest decrees on the conquered territories

The brand new decrees have been a sequence of authorized provisions promulgated by the Spanish crown within the 18th century with the goal of centralizing the federal government and establishing a extra environment friendly administrative system within the territories conquered throughout the enlargement of the empire.

These measures had a profound affect on the affected territories, which primarily included the kingdoms of Aragon, Valencia and Mallorca, in addition to the province of Catalonia. By way of the decrees, the goal was to homogenize the legal guidelines and establishments all through the Spanish territory, selling a extra environment friendly administration and establishing Spanish as the one official language.

One of many fundamental modifications attributable to the brand new decrees was the abolition of the establishments of the conquered territories, such because the Cortes of Aragon. This meant a weakening of native energy and a rise within the centralized management of the crown over these territories.

One other important affect was the institution of an administrative system primarily based on territorial division into provinces, which changed the outdated regional divisions. This facilitated the administration and management of the territories, but in addition generated higher dependence on central authorities.

Relating to the financial sphere, the brand new decrees additionally had vital penalties. On the one hand, free commerce was promoted between the completely different territories of the empire, which facilitated the circulation of products and stimulated the economic system. Alternatively, the industrial monopoly of the crown was imposed, which restricted the financial autonomy of the conquered territories.

In abstract, the brand new decrees had a profound affect on the territories conquered by the Spanish crown. They suppressed native establishments, centralized authorities, promoted authorized and administrative homogenization, and affected each native energy and the economic system of the conquered territories.

4. Legacy of latest decrees in fashionable Spain

The brand new decrees have been a sequence of measures taken within the 18th century by the Spanish monarchy, with a view to centralize energy and unify territoryeliminating the privileges and privileges of the areas that had been a part of the Crown of Aragon.

The legacy of those decrees in fashionable Spain has been important. Initiallya extra centralized system of presidency was established, the place Madrid turned the epicenter of the nation's political and administrative energy.

In second place, the judicial system was unified, creating a typical authorized framework for the complete territory. This contributed to higher homogenization and cohesion of the Spanish authorized system.

In third placethe implementation of the Spanish language as an official language in all public establishments and organizations was promoted, which had an affect on the consolidation of a Spanish nationwide id.

Moreoverfinancial modernization and the event of commerce have been promoted, eliminating many commerce restrictions and selling market liberalization.

The damaging affect of latest decrees

Nonetheless, the brand new decrees additionally had a damaging affect in some areas. On the one handthe centralism imposed by these decrees generated discontent and tensions in some areas of Spain, particularly in areas similar to Catalonia or the Basque Nation, which had loved historic privileges and privileges.

Alternativelythe ban on importing international industrial merchandise negatively affected sure areas that had developed economically due to commerce with different nations.


Briefly, the brand new decrees left an vital legacy in fashionable Spain. Though they contributed to the consolidation of the Spanish state and the unification of the territory, in addition they generated regional tensions and had damaging financial impacts in some areas. The research of those decrees permits us to higher perceive the historical past and evolution of Spain as a nation.

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