Solved workouts on exponential equations for highschool yr 1

1. Train 1: Clear up exponential equation with a single unknown

To resolve an exponential equation with a single unknown, we should observe the next steps:

Step 1:

Establish the bottom and exponent of the equation. The equation will need to have the shape a^x = bthe place “a” is the bottom and “b” is the results of the equation.

Step 2:

Isolate the variable “x” on just one aspect of the equation. To do that, we are able to use logarithms. We take logarithm on each side of the equation:

log(a^x) = log(b)

Step 3:

Apply the properties of logarithms to simplify the equation. Let's bear in mind the next properties:

  • log(a^x) = x * log(a)
  • log(a * b) = log(a) + log(b)

Utilizing these properties, we are able to rewrite the equation as:

x * log(a) = log(b)

Step 4:

Clear up the variable “x” by dividing each side of the equation by log(a):

x = log(b) / log(a)

Step 5:

Lastly, we calculate the worth of “x” utilizing a calculator or math software program.

2. Train 2: Clear up exponential equation with equal bases

On this train, we’ll deal with fixing exponential equations the place the bases are equal. Allow us to keep in mind that an exponential equation has the shape (b^x=c), the place (b) is the bottom, (x) is the exponent and (c) is the consequence.

Step 1: Be sure each bases are the identical. If not, we won’t be able to unravel the equation utilizing this methodology.

Step 2: Equal the exponents. To do that, you might must simplify the phrases first. For instance, you probably have the equation (3^{2x+1} = 9), first simplify the exponent contained in the parentheses: (2x+1=2).

Step 3: Clear up the ensuing equation. In our instance, (2x+1=2) turns into (2x=1), and simplifying provides (x=frac{1}{2}).

Step 4: Test your reply by substituting the discovered worth of (x) into the unique equation. If each elements of the equation are equal, you could have appropriately solved the exponential equation.

Do not forget that it is very important observe these workouts to change into conversant in the method of fixing exponential equations. Hold working towards and also you'll change into an skilled very quickly!

3. Train 3: Clear up exponential equation with completely different bases

On this train, we can be fixing an exponential equation wherein the bases are completely different. The sort of train typically presents a further problem, since we should discover a strategy to make the bases equal to be able to clear up the equation.

To start, let's assessment the assertion of the equation. Suppose now we have an exponential equation of the shape:

5x = 2x+3

Our objective is to seek out the worth of “x” that satisfies this equation. To do that, we’ll use properties of the powers to equal the bases. On this case, we are able to equate bases 5 and a couple of by elevating them to the identical energy, like this:

5x = (51)x = 5x

2x+3 = (23)x = 8x

As soon as the bases are equal, we are able to equalize the powers. Due to this fact, now we have the equation:

5x = 8x

From right here, we are able to use numerous strategies to unravel the equation. One of the frequent is to take logarithm on each side of the equation. Right here we’ll use logarithm base 10:

log10(5x) = log10(8x)

Making use of the property of the logarithm of powers, we are able to write:

x * log10(5) = x * log10(8)

Dividing each side of the equation by “x”, we get hold of:

log10(5) = log10(8)

Now, we are able to use a calculator or a logarithm desk to acquire the logarithm values. On this case, we discover that log10(5) ≈ 0.699 and log10(8) ≈ 0.903.

When evaluating the values ​​of the logarithms, we see that they aren’t equal. Because of this there is no such thing as a distinctive answer to the unique equation. On this case, the equation is inconsistent and can’t be solved.

In abstract, when fixing an exponential equation with completely different bases, we should equate the bases after which equate the powers. Later, we are able to use strategies reminiscent of taking logarithms to unravel the equation. Nevertheless, it is very important remember the fact that there is not going to at all times be a novel answer to these kind of equations.

4. Train 4: Clear up system of exponential equations

On this train, we’re confronted with a system of exponential equations that we should clear up.

To resolve these kind of methods, we have to use properties of exponents, such because the property of multiplying powers of the identical base and the property of equating bases and exponents.

The system of exponential equations seems to be like this:

  • Equation 1: (a^x = b)
  • Equation 2: (c^y = d)

Our objective is to seek out the values ​​of (x) and (y) that fulfill each equations.

To resolve the equation 1we are able to use the logarithm property:

(x = log_a(b))

To resolve the equation 2we apply the identical property:

(y = log_c(d))

By utilizing logarithms on each side of the equations, we are able to eliminate the exponents and discover the values ​​of (x) and (y).

As soon as the values ​​are obtained, we are able to confirm that they fulfill each equations by substituting them again into the unique equations.

With this now we have solved the system of exponential equations. All the time bear in mind to verify your options and confirm that they fulfill all of the talked about equations.

5. Train 5: Utility of exponential equations in on a regular basis life issues

On this train we’re going to discover how exponential equations are utilized in on a regular basis life issues. Exponential equations are these wherein a variable is raised to an influence.

One of the frequent issues wherein exponential equations are used is inhabitants development. For instance, we are able to research how a inhabitants of micro organism grows in a tradition flask.

Bacterial inhabitants in a tradition flask

Suppose we initially have 100 micro organism within the tradition flask. We all know that the expansion price of micro organism is 10% each day. On this case, we are able to use the next exponential equation:


The place P

Making use of the system to our downside, we are able to calculate the micro organism inhabitants after 5 days:

  1. P(5) = 100 * (1+0.10)^5
  2. P(5) = 100 * (1.10)^5
  3. P(5) = 100 * 1.61
  4. P(5) = 161

Due to this fact, after 5 days, the inhabitants of micro organism within the tradition flask can be 161 micro organism.

This is only one instance of how exponential equations are utilized to on a regular basis issues. These equations are additionally utilized in economics, physics, chemistry and lots of different areas.

In abstract, exponential equations are highly effective instruments for modeling and fixing development issues in on a regular basis life. It is very important perceive how they’re utilized and easy methods to interpret the outcomes obtained.

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