What occurs if I evolve a shiny Eevee?

1. Evolution to Vaporeon shiny

On the earth of Pokémon GO, some of the in style and wanted Pokémon is Vaporeon. And in terms of Vaporeon, some of the coveted variants is its shiny kind.

Right here's methods to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon shiny within the sport:

  1. The very first thing you might want to do is be sure you have an Eevee. You may catch one within the wild or obtain it as a reward in raids or particular missions.
  2. Upon getting your Eevee, you will have to acquire the required candies to evolve it into Vaporeon. You will get sweet by strolling along with your Eevee as a companion or by transferring Eevees to Professor Willow.
  3. Upon getting sufficient candies, head to the evolution display screen within the sport. Faucet the “Evolve” button and choose your Eevee.
  4. And that's it! In case you're fortunate, your Eevee will flip right into a shiny Vaporeon, with a shiny blue colour as an alternative of the traditional colour.

Keep in mind that the evolution to Vaporeon shiny is random, so it could take a number of makes an attempt to acquire this particular kind. Don't be discouraged and hold making an attempt!

Moreover, the shiny Vaporeon not solely appears completely different, however may also be a robust addition to your crew in battles and raids. So don't miss your likelihood to have one in your assortment!

2. Evolution to Jolteon shiny

The evolution to Jolteon shiny is among the most fun moments for Pokémon trainers. Jolteon is among the evolutions of Eevee, and its shiny kind is extremely coveted attributable to its distinctive and glossy look.

To evolve into shiny Jolteon, you first have to have a shiny Eevee. Shiny Eevee are extraordinarily uncommon and tough to search out, so discovering one might be fairly a problem. Upon getting a shiny Eevee, the following step is to make use of a thunder stone to carry out the evolution.

The Thunder Stone is an merchandise that you could find in varied locations within the sport, equivalent to merchandise outlets or within the open world. Upon getting the Thunder Stone in your stock, you solely have to apply it to Eevee to evolve it into Jolteon. The evolution is instantaneous and you may get pleasure from your new shiny Jolteon.

Jolteon is an electrical Pokémon with excessive velocity and energy. Its shiny look presents a colour change in its fur, going from a yellow colour to a shiny golden tone. These colour adjustments make a shiny Jolteon extremely desired by Pokémon collectors and trainers.

Advantages of getting a shiny Jolteon

Proudly owning a shiny Jolteon isn’t solely thrilling for its distinctive look, however it will possibly additionally supply benefits in Pokémon battles. Being shiny doesn’t grant extra statistics or particular talents to a Pokémon, however its rarity and exclusivity could make it stand out from the remainder.

In battles, a shiny Jolteon may cause shock and admiration amongst opponents, which may generate psychological stress in your favor. Moreover, being shiny, it may be thought-about a extra precious Pokémon and acquire recognition for having it in your crew.


Evolving into shiny Jolteon is an thrilling second for any Pokémon coach. Whereas getting a shiny Eevee might be fairly a problem, the reward of getting a singular shiny Jolteon in your crew is value it. Along with its placing look, a shiny Jolteon can generate shock and recognition in Pokémon battles. So don't miss the chance to evolve your shiny Eevee and get a shiny Jolteon so as to add to your assortment.

3. Evolution to shiny Flareon

In Pokémon video games, a vital a part of the sport is the evolution of our beloved Pokémon. On this article, we are going to discuss in regards to the evolution to shiny Flareon, an alternate and particular type of the Pokémon Eevee.

What’s Flareon shiny?

Flareon shiny is the shiny and rarer model of Flareon. Their look is barely completely different, with a particular coat and eye colour. This shiny kind is obtained when a shiny Eevee evolves into Flareon.

Methods to evolve to shiny Flareon?

To get a shiny Flareon, you might want to seize a shiny Eevee first. A shiny Eevee is extraordinarily uncommon to search out, so it could require time and endurance. Upon getting a shiny Eevee in your crew, you will have to degree it up.

The commonest strategy to evolve Eevee into Flareon is thru a Fireplace Stone. Nonetheless, to get a shiny Flareon, you will have to make use of a Fireplace Stone on a shiny Eevee.

Advantages of getting a shiny Flareon

Having a shiny Flareon in your crew isn’t solely thrilling attributable to its rarity, nevertheless it additionally has advantages in Pokémon battles. Though it doesn't increase its stats considerably, having a shiny Flareon can shock your opponent and add a contact of aptitude to your fight methods.


Evolution to shiny Flareon is a aim for a lot of Pokémon trainers. Getting a shiny Eevee and evolving it right into a shiny Flareon might take effort and time, however the finish result’s value it. Having a shiny Flareon in your crew isn’t solely uncommon and thrilling, however it will possibly additionally add a particular contact to your Pokémon battles. Good luck in your seek for the shiny Flareon!

4. Evolution to Espeon shiny

On this article, we are going to speak about methods to evolve Eevee into its shiny kind, particularly the shiny Espeon kind. As we all know, Eevee is a really versatile Pokémon that may evolve in several methods relying on the circumstances during which it’s discovered.

To evolve Eevee into its shiny Espeon kind, you might want to meet sure necessities and observe some particular steps.

Step 1: Get a shiny Eevee

The very first thing you want is to have a shiny Eevee. To do that, you’ll have to be fortunate to discover a wild shiny Eevee or increase it in a Pokémon nursery. Shiny Eevee have a special colour than regular Eevee, so they’re simply recognizable.

Upon getting a shiny Eevee, you might be able to proceed the evolution course of.

Step 2: Improve Eevee's Happiness

Eevee's evolution to shiny Espeon is predicated on its happiness degree. To extend Eevee's happiness, there are a number of issues you are able to do:

  • Feed Eevee with Pokécubes or treats, which might be bought at varied Pokémon facilities.

  • Stroll with Eevee by carrying it with you in your gear for lengthy durations of time.

  • Play with Eevee at Poké Recreation utilizing interactive toys and video games.

These actions will assist enhance Eevee's happiness, which is essential for its evolution into shiny Espeon.

Step 3: Evolve Eevee in the course of the day

When you've elevated your Eevee's happiness, it's time to evolve it right into a shiny Espeon. Nonetheless, it needs to be famous that the evolution to Espeon shiny is just doable in the course of the day.

To make sure that your Eevee evolves into shiny Espeon as an alternative of shiny Umbreon, you need to carry out the evolution in the course of the day within the sport. In case you attempt to evolve it in the course of the evening, it should evolve into shiny Umbreon as an alternative.

Due to this fact, be sure to evolve Eevee into shiny Espeon in the course of the day to get the specified outcome.

With these steps, it is possible for you to to evolve your shiny Eevee into the specified shiny Espeon kind. Get pleasure from your new Pokémon and use it in your battles!

5. Evolution to Umbreon shiny

Shiny Umbreon is among the colour variants of the favored Pokémon Umbreon, first launched within the second era of the Pokémon video games. This glossy Pokémon, with its black fur and gold rings on its ears and tail, is a well-liked selection amongst trainers trying so as to add a contact of fashion to their crew.

To evolve to Shiny Umbreon, first you might want to have a shiny Eevee. Because of this you ought to be fortunate to come back throughout a wild Eevee or have the chance to commerce it with somebody who already has it. Upon getting a shiny Eevee in your crew, you will have to observe a number of extra steps.

Step 1: Set up a relationship with Eevee

Earlier than evolving into shiny Umbreon, it can be crucial that you simply set up a superb relationship along with your shiny Eevee. You are able to do this by placing it in your crew and taking it with you as you discover the Pokémon world. The longer he’s in your crew and the happier he’s, the higher your relationship can be.

Step 2: Evolve in a single day

Upon getting established a superb relationship along with your shiny Eevee, you need to wait till it’s evening within the sport to evolve it. You may change the time in your console or just wait patiently for evening to fall. Umbreon is called the Pokémon of the evening, and its evolution solely happens beneath these circumstances.

Step 3: Get sufficient happiness

Along with the connection with shiny Eevee and the time of day, you additionally want to verify its happiness degree is excessive sufficient to evolve into shiny Umbreon. You may enhance shiny Eevee's happiness by going by means of battles, giving him happiness objects just like the therapeutic massage in Malva Metropolis, or just strolling with him in your crew.

When you've met these necessities, shiny Eevee ought to mechanically evolve into shiny Umbreon in a single day. Get pleasure from your fancy new Pokémon and make it stand out in your battles!

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