What occurs if I vomit after taking azithromycin?

What’s azithromycin and what’s it used for?

Azithromycin is an antibiotic used to deal with numerous bacterial infections, reminiscent of respiratory tract, pores and skin, and gentle tissue infections. This treatment belongs to the macrolide class and is efficient in preventing a variety of micro organism.

What results can vomiting have after taking azithromycin?

If you vomit after taking azithromycin, the physique doesn’t have sufficient time to totally take up the treatment. This implies chances are you’ll not get the complete dose wanted to combat the an infection. This will lower the effectiveness of the remedy and improve the chance of micro organism turning into immune to the antibiotic.

Moreover, vomiting could trigger the expulsion of different medicines or meals which were consumed with azithromycin. This will have an effect on the absorption of different medicines and cut back their effectiveness.

What to do for those who vomit drugs?

If you happen to vomit after taking azithromycin or one other treatment, it is very important contact your physician or pharmacist for particular steering. Normally, it’s endorsed to observe these steps:

1. Don't take the medication once more: If you happen to vomit shortly after taking azithromycin, chances are you’ll not must take one other dose. Verify together with your physician to find out for those who ought to take one other dose or if that you must change to a different treatment.

2. Keep hydrated: After vomiting, it is very important keep hydrated to stop dehydration. Drink water in small quantities and keep away from sugary or caffeinated drinks.

3. Observe the signs: If you happen to expertise different signs apart from vomiting, reminiscent of diarrhea or extreme belly ache, it is very important inform your physician. These signs could point out an adversarial response to the treatment and should require further medical consideration.

How lengthy does azithromycin take to work?

Azithromycin normally begins to work throughout the first 24 to 48 hours after taking the primary dose. Nonetheless, it is very important full the complete course of remedy as directed by your physician, even when signs enhance sooner. This can assist be certain that all infection-causing micro organism are utterly eradicated.

Signs could step by step enhance as azithromycin begins to take impact. Nonetheless, if after 48 hours there isn’t a enchancment in signs or if signs worsen, it is very important contact your physician.

What ought to I not take if I’m taking azithromycin?

When taking azithromycin, it is very important keep away from sure medicines and substances which will work together negatively with this antibiotic. A number of the substances you need to keep away from embrace:

1. Antacids: Antacids containing aluminum or magnesium can cut back the absorption of azithromycin within the physique. Whether it is essential to take an antacid, it’s endorsed to attend at the least 2 hours after taking azithromycin.

2. Blood-thinning medicines: Azithromycin could improve the impact of blood-thinning medicines, reminiscent of warfarin, growing the chance of bleeding. In case you are taking blood-thinning medicines, it is very important inform your physician earlier than beginning remedy with azithromycin.

3. Different antibiotics: Some antibiotics could intervene with the motion of azithromycin or improve the chance of unintended effects. In case you are taking different antibiotics, it is very important inform your physician earlier than beginning remedy with azithromycin.

You will need to discuss to your physician or pharmacist earlier than taking another medicines whereas taking azithromycin to keep away from undesirable interactions.

Unwanted effects of azithromycin

Whereas azithromycin is usually properly tolerated, it could trigger unintended effects in some individuals. A number of the most typical unintended effects embrace:

1. Upset abdomen: Azithromycin could trigger abdomen upset, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea in some individuals. These signs are normally delicate and go away on their very own. If signs persist or are extreme, it is very important contact your physician.

2. Modifications in style: Some individuals could expertise adjustments within the sense of style, reminiscent of a metallic sensation within the mouth, whereas taking azithromycin. These adjustments are normally non permanent and disappear as soon as the treatment is stopped.

3. Allergic reactions: In uncommon instances, azithromycin could trigger critical allergic reactions, reminiscent of pores and skin rashes, itching, swelling of the face, or problem respiratory. If you happen to expertise any of those signs, search medical consideration instantly.

You will need to inform your physician for those who expertise any unintended effects whereas taking azithromycin to allow them to consider whether or not that you must regulate the dose or change to a different treatment.

Frequent questions

Can I take azithromycin on an empty abdomen?

Sure, you may take azithromycin on an empty abdomen or with meals. Nonetheless, taking azithromycin with meals could assist cut back the abdomen upset that some individuals expertise as a aspect impact.

How lengthy does azithromycin final within the physique?

Azithromycin has an elimination half-life of roughly 68 hours, that means that it takes roughly 3 days to be utterly eradicated from the physique.

Can I drink alcohol whereas taking azithromycin?

Average alcohol consumption has not been proven to intervene with the effectiveness of azithromycin. Nonetheless, alcohol can improve a few of the unintended effects of azithromycin, reminiscent of upset abdomen. It is strongly recommended to keep away from extreme alcohol consumption whereas taking azithromycin.

Does azithromycin have an effect on oral contraceptives?

Azithromycin doesn’t have an effect on the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. Nonetheless, for those who expertise vomiting or extreme diarrhea whereas taking azithromycin, the absorption of oral contraceptives could also be affected. On this case, it’s endorsed to make use of further strategies of contraception whereas taking azithromycin and for as much as 7 days after stopping remedy.

Is azithromycin efficient towards viral infections?

No, azithromycin is an antibiotic efficient solely towards bacterial infections. It has no impact on viral infections, such because the frequent chilly or flu. You will need to use azithromycin solely as directed by your physician and to not deal with viral infections.

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